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AS9100 Certified CNC Machine Shop

Based in Singapore, Nyalt Precision was founded in 2004, and over the span of a decade and a half, we have invested in state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software, high-speed CNC machining centers, and CMM inspection equipment in order to refine our processes and make them even more efficient. When we say “precision machining,” we mean it; not only are we capable of working with virtually all metals, plastics and composites but we specifically excel in machining parts that require some of the tightest tolerances possible.

If you are looking to outsource machining work overseas or to Asia, know that Singapore has superior IP protection compared to many overseas countries. With Nyalt’s high speed production and logistics capabilities, we can have completed parts to your door in the U.S. or Europe faster than many domestic providers.

Nyalt Precision Machining's workshop and several of their employees working at different workstations

Superior Precision Machining Services for Customers Worldwide.

Nyalt Precision has spent over 15 years specializing in precision machining for complex parts that span a multitude of industries. A combination of unique precision machining equipment and extensive knowledge in related areas lend to the consistency and accuracy of our high-quality components. Nyalt has what it takes to produce parts that meet your exact specifications while remaining on budget and on time.

Highly Accurate 3D Modeling & CNC Prototyping

Nyalt Precision has been providing customers with highly accurate 3D modeling services for over 15 years. As we continue to create superior digital representations of prototypes, components, customized tooling, and assemblies for our wide range of customers, we make sure to focus on the concepts and specifications presented to us by each and every individual client, ultimately catering to their experience.

3d modeling created by Nyalt engineers for one of their many clients
3d modeling created by Nyalt engineers for one of their many clients

Precision CNC Machining & Advanced CAD/CAM Software

As part of our dedication to investing in uniquely advanced machining technology, Nyalt Precision employs well-maintained equipment capable of holding extremely tight tolerances of up to five microns, or 0.0002”. We integrate each of our precision CNC machining centers with advanced CAD/CAM software that helps us streamline the process of consistently and efficiently manufacturing high-quality components.

Nyalt employee using a lathe
3d modeling created by Nyalt engineers for one of their many clients

Customized Grinding For Global Clients

When it comes to surface, cylindrical, and centerless grinding, Nyalt Precision specializes in working with both a wide range of materials and tolerances. What enables us to do this is a combination of expertly skilled staff as well as rigid, high-performance precision grinding machines. With such unique equipment, we are able to achieve accuracy within two microns or 0.00008”, depending on the material being ground.

Nyalt employee working with a vertical milling machine
3d modeling created by Nyalt engineers for one of their many clients

Individual Component & Full Assembly

Due to Nyalt Precision’s continuing experience in design for both manufacturing and assembly purposes, our customers regularly benefit directly in the areas of cost reduction and quality enhancement. We offer full assembly of both machined parts and individual components according to bill of materials. With an unmatched eye for detail, our expert staff will develop uniquely efficient assembly sequences while ensuring each and every product is built to meet our customers’ exact specifications.

part assembly

Specialized Tooling & Value Added Services

By design, tooling must be customized in order to be functional in its intended application; for this reason, the manufacturing of tooling is a crucial process. And because the manufacturing industry itself is so diverse, there are many different kinds of tooling that may be required depending on its application. Fortunately, Nyalt Precision regularly produces superior tooling for a multitude of industries, including aerospace (OEM & MRO), defense, automation, electronics, the medical field, and beyond.


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