Achieving tight tolerances in machining

About Nyalt Precision, An AS9100 Certified Machine Shop

Based in Singapore, Nyalt Precision was founded in 2004, and over the span of a decade and a half, we have invested in state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software, high-speed CNC machining centers, and CMM inspection equipment in order to refine our processes and make them even more efficient. When we say “precision machining,” we mean it; not only are we capable of working with virtually all metals, plastics, and composites, but we specifically excel in machining parts that require some of the tightest tolerances possible. (These tolerances are measured in ten thousandths of an inch, or up to five microns).

This dedication to precision, in addition to our unique manufacturing processes and commitment to customer satisfaction, is what separates Nyalt Precision from other precision machine shops. Put simply, we machine complex parts and sub-assemblies with quick, reliable, and superior engineering capabilities. At Nyalt, we focus on three things that ultimately lead to the consistency and quality of the parts we manufacture:

  • Properly and thoroughly training our staff
  • Investing in new technology
  • Diligently pursuing process development

In addition to taking pride in our high-quality craftsmanship, we want our customers to know how much we value lasting partnerships built on integrity. Nyalt Precision advocates for the importance of their intellectual property and understands how crucial it is to protect it with safeguards in place from the beginning of your project through assembly and completion. Because of our dedication to customer service, we have built key relationships with various leading OEMs and MROs around the globe, in industries spanning aerospace, automation, electronics, the medical field, and beyond.


About Our Global Precision Machining Services

For Nyalt Precision, it’s been over 15 years of unique precision CNC machining experience that has ultimately led us to repeatable, reliable, and superior manufacturing processes. These processes, tried and true, allow us to produce complex components for a wide variety of industries, and beyond that, our distinctive experience in the field allows us to ensure our services meet each and every specification required by our customers. Nyalt offers turnkey manufacturing solutions to those in need of precision CNC machined components while sticking to a budget and a deadline.


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