3D Modeling & Prototyping Services

International 3D Modeling & CNC Prototyping Services

Nyalt Precision has been providing customers with highly accurate 3D modeling services for over 15 years. As we continue to create superior digital representations of prototypes, components, customized tooling, and assemblies for our wide range of customers, we make sure to focus on the concepts and specifications presented to us by each and every individual client, ultimately catering the experience to them. Once these 3D models are created, Nyalt has an even better angle to collaborate directly with customers and ensure their design is being brought to life exactly as they envisioned and with all complex tooling details being considered. This attention to detail substantially expedites the design process as a whole.

It is not uncommon for Nyalt Precision to run detailed simulations on advanced CAD models prior to the manufacturing process, as simulating a large variety of parameters can greatly reduce the amount of time and workflow necessary to machine physical components. We utilize superior CAD/CAM software with multi-axis functions alongside state-of-the-art CNC machining centers in order to ensure the highest level of accuracy and precision possible for our customers, from the design process all the way through assembly. Nyalt is capable of working with file formats currently used in a wide variety of markets, and with these unique and efficient modeling processes set in stone, we are experienced enough to offer 3D modeling services to all of them.


Prototype CNC Machining of Complex Parts

CNC machining is a great choice for prototyping complex components; not only is the process relatively quick, but it leaves you with prototype parts that are often ready for testing and assembly. We have a detailed understanding of material characteristics and can typically work with the exact material requested by the designer. Our services include rapid prototyping with product development that requires design, manufacturing, and assembly of components.

Fast Turnaround on CNC Machining & Grinding

Whether you need to speed up product development or test an existing design for performance, Nyalt Precision can quickly and affordably create prototypes used across many industries by a number of end-users. Our high-speed CNC machining and grinding equipment are capable of meeting stringent standards expected by customers around the world.

International IP Protection

Lastly — and this is important — our system is centralized with a multitude of security measures set in place to protect all of our customers’ valuable proprietary information. This is in addition to all Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) duly provided to our customers, in Singapore and globally.

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3d modeling created by Nyalt engineers for one of their many clients
3d modeling created by Nyalt engineers for one of their many clients

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