Part Assembly

Individual Component & Full Assembly Services

Due to Nyalt Precision’s long-term experience in design for manufacturing and assembly purposes, our customers regularly benefit in the areas of cost reduction and quality enhancement. We offer full assembly of both machined parts and individual components according to bill of materials. This includes the purchasing of standard parts that require further customized machining to suit each assembly.

Nyalt is equipped with workflow stations that feature an assortment of tools used to perform various assembly operations as required. We employ manual or automated procedures, depending on your application, to create a product ready for final assembly or direct delivery. Before that happens, our skilled staff will ensure that your product performs efficiently and meets consistent high-quality standards.


Assuring Quality from Precision Machining, Through Assembly & Delivery

At times, it may not be enough to simply machine a part with tight tolerances; if tight tolerance parts do not function properly within the assembly or product, even the most precise CNC machining company fails to do their job. For this reason, Nyalt Precision always checks for potential problems when assembling products. Our quality standards are met throughout the production process. In-process inspection is performed at various stages of assembly to ensure that the part is machined to exact customer specifications. Assembly done in-house at Nyalt Precision means that your product or system is assembled with the same commitment to quality as the individual parts we produce.

Customers from a multitude of industries have come to appreciate our product assembly services. They recognize that parts made with the best materials and precise dimensions fit in the final product with almost no adjustments. Discover how Nyalt Precision can reduce production time and save you money.

Heat Treatment, Surface Finishing & Assembly Capabilities

In addition to our high-quality assembly services, Nyalt Precision utilizes approved service providers to carry out secondary operations, including heat treatment and a variety of surface finishing processes. For our customers in the aerospace and defense industries, we specifically use Nadcap-approved facilities.

With these facilities at our disposal, in addition to a wide variety of unique in-house equipment, Nyalt Precision is able to ensure all jobs are completed on time and on budget. Our finished assemblies are delivered to our customers complete with mechanical adjustments and functional testing, which can include aspects such as pneumatics and hydraulics. At the end of the day, we aim for quality that goes above and beyond our customers’ expectations – and quality that ultimately reduces the need for post-production inspection on their end.


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