Customized Grinding

International Surface, Cylindrical, & Centerless Grinding Services

When it comes to surface, cylindrical, and centerless grinding, Nyalt Precision specializes in working with both a wide range of materials and tolerances. What enables us to do this is a combination of expertly skilled staff as well as rigid, high-performance precision grinding equipment (listed below) with customized jigs & attachments. With these unique machines and accessories, we are able to achieve accuracy within two microns (or 0.00008”), depending on the material being ground. 

Nyalt also offers surface, form, cylindrical (OD & ID), and centerless grinding for components requiring additional work after heat treatment. It is important to note that we utilize our precision grinding equipment in a climate-controlled environment. Contact us today to learn more about our precision grinding capabilities.


Lathes & Conventional Milling & Precision Grinding Equipment

For one-off parts (such as prototypes) and other uniquely shaped components, Nyalt Precision employs conventional machines capable of precision lathe and milling work. Our heavy-duty lathes are equipped with 2-axis DRO for control of dimensions while our milling equipment achieves greater accuracy in positioning due to 3-axis DRO. Used in tandem with our more unique precision grinding machines, this equipment is crucial to our manufacturing process, from the initial machining of parts to tooling and assembly.

Machine List

Grinding Machines

  • Okamoto PFG350DX with Heidenhain DRO (Optidress Form Wheel)
  • Okamoto ACC65DX with Heidenhain DRO (Standard Accessories)

Conventional Machine Tools


  • Kinwa CH-530X1100 with Fanuc DRO (Taper Attachment)
  • Kinwa CHD-760X1500 with Fanuc DRO (Standard Accessories)


  • Mytech SZ-1800VS with 3 Axis DRO (Standard Accessories)
  • Top Well 5VKF with 3 Axis DRO (Standard Accessories)
Nyalt employee working with a vertical milling machine
Nyalt employee working with a vertical milling machine

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