A Machine Shop Using 3D Modeling & Model Based Definition in Part Manufacturing

A Machine Shop Using 3D Modeling & Model Based Definition in Part Manufacturing

For decades, engineers have used drawings to deliver product manufacturing information—even as they practiced 3D modeling. At Nyalt, we use model-based definition (MBD) to embed product data directly into the 3D models created during the design phase of a project. This data becomes part of the 3D model’s DNA, integrated into the model to prevent errors and save time for manufacturers and OEMs alike.

With model-based definition, the 3D model of a part becomes the definitive source for the data comprising that project; the model carries its own product manufacturing information (PMI). When using model-based definition, a 3D model fully contains PMI for OEMs and future suppliers to access on demand. For OEMs, having comprehensive, correct data on a fully rendered 3D model makes sharing information before and after assembly seamless and accurate.

What is Model-Based Definition?

Model-based definition employs 3D models as the single source for all design data and specifications. This creates a single, reliable source of correct information for anyone with access to a component’s 3D design – all in one shot. A well-annotated 3D model has the most current and accurate data in one place resulting in less clutter and a more precise understanding of design intent.

MBD, CAD, and CNC Machining

When it comes to machining, the precise relay of information from designer/engineer to MBD/CAD software, and CAD to CNC machine, is crucial. Even an impeccably designed 3D component is useless if the machine shop producing that component cannot accurately execute software translation and component production. Choosing a machine shop with an advanced understanding of MBD and thorough and precise machining ability is crucial.

At Nyalt, our small team of expert owners surveys the detailed information contained in a 3D design as it is processed through CAD/CAM software. Our skillful engineers are on hand to monitor as the programs communicate to inform and guide toolpaths on our CNC machines.

Once machining begins, the 3D model is rendered into a physical component, produced to the design’s unique specifications. When the physical product is found to be accurate and flawless, Nyalt engineers finalize and lock down the MBD and CAD models and maintain the program for future production. Finally, production is finished, and two models containing the component’s data exist – one digital model containing the written data and one physical product embodying the data.

 How MBD Benefits OEMs

  • Using model-based definition ensures that rigorous, consistent standards are maintained for manufacturing, inspection, and testing of parts or components.
  • The 3D model will always inform manufacturers of component geometries, tolerances, material requirements, components, process requirements, and inspection specifications.
  • Model-based definition is efficient, requiring only a single streamlined design, building, and testing process.
  • Product data can be read by CNC applications which enable automation, while engineers receive comprehensive product information, which reduces misunderstandings and defects.

Nyalt’s team is specially trained to ensure that translation from 3D model to CNC program is optimized for highly accurate automated toolpath generation. We know that honing the process of CNC machining toward eliminating flaws before production even begins is pertinent to any industry seeking machined parts.

Nyalt Singapore are MBD and 3D Design Machining Experts

Model-based definition offers advantages for CNC machine shops that work with OEMs; namely, the opportunity to increase productivity, perfect the accuracy of components, and reduce time to delivery through efficient machining. By placing customers’ maximally detailed 3D models at the center of component design, engineers can swiftly and expertly manufacture unique parts for any application.

At Nyalt, we stay future-focused by using MBD and 3D modeling in our CNC shop to competitively and reliably produce complex components and systems. As a tier 1 supplier for OEMs, we remove go-betweens by using sophisticated technology and precision machining to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our technologically sophisticated processes, such as MBD, allow Nyalt to keep OEMs and clients up to date on their product’s design, manufacture, and delivery.

As a small company with over a decade of experience, our owners are intimately involved in both management and production in the shop, working in everything from programming MDBs to shipping and logistics. Contact us today to discover why Nyalt is your machining solution in Singapore and abroad.

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