Choose Nyalt Singapore for the Best Overseas Precision Machining

Choose Nyalt Singapore for the Best Overseas Precision Machining

Choose Nyalt Singapore for the Best Overseas Precision Machining

In the changing face of manufacturing worldwide, one centre of production towers above its counterparts for overseas precision machining and many other manufacturing services. The small Southeast Asian city-state of Singapore continues to lead the field as a sought-after manufacturing hub for Asia and the world.  Singapore is traditionally known for its robust financial services and cutting-edge medical and robotic innovations. Today, however, parts manufacturing represents a whole 20% of Singapore’s GDP, and as an industry, is highly valued and protected by the Singaporean government.

Overseas machining firms such as AS9100 certified machine shop Nyalt Precision Machining play crucial roles in upholding Singapore’s sterling reputation as the only choice for excellence in precision machining for parts manufacture.

Nyalt Singapore is AS9100 Certified and Provides Tight-tolerance Precision Machining

Precision Machining | Strong IP | Cutting Edge Prototyping & 3D Modelling

We take pride in being a top-notch AS9100 certified machine shop and using advanced technology such as CAD/CAM software, CNC machining tools, and CMM inspection. At Nyalt Precision Engineering, we custom manufacture metals, plastics, and composites, and specialize in machining small, meticulous parts requiring tolerances of down to ten-thousandths of an inch (5 microns).

Our service offerings include:

CNC vertical milling and turning are performed in our impeccably maintained Makino machine tools. Each machine features SGI (Super Geometric Intelligence), allowing fast manufacture time and tight tolerance machining of intricate 3D shapes.

Our Okuma CNC turning centers have OSP, rapid traverse, and compact turrets with multitasking functions that render them stable and accurate. Our high-quality machine tools and expert machinists produce parts with close tolerances for roundness and surface roughness.

Our workshop is equipped with cutting-edge machine tools to perform precision grinding and milling. Our Okamoto grinders can achieve a close

2 microns accuracy, depending on the material in use. Kinwa lathes feature 2 axis DRO to control dimensions, while our Mytech and Topwell mills have 3 axis DRO to ensure precise positioning.

Nyalt uses Siemens NX (unigraphics) CAD/CAM software to transform ideas, 2D drawings, and sketches into detailed 3D models to develop product prototypes. The speed and flexibility of our prototyping tools allow changes to plans and products to be swift and accurate.

Did you know? Singapore ranks #2 in the World Bank’s 2019 “Ease of Doing Business” index!

Singaporean Manufacturing – Global Commerce

The world has become small thanks to globalization and online business. Orders placed on Monday in Argentina can arrive at their destination in Finland by week’s end! However, to support this commerce, complex logistics and flawless manufacturing and dispatch are crucial.

If you’re ready to make the right choice for outsourcing overseas precision machining services, read on. According to data from The World Bank, Singapore ranks among the most competitive markets in the world for logistics, beating competitors such as the UK, USA, Canada, and China in categories such as “lead time from completion to export”, “frequency of shipments arriving on time”, and “ability to negotiate competitively priced shipment”. Singapore is firmly positioned as a fast, reliable, cost-efficient choice for fabricating and delivering manufactured goods for international clients.

When such efficient logistics are combined with Nyalt’s impeccable planning, manufacturing, and assembly standards, the obvious choice for precision machining in Singapore emerges: Nyalt.

Choose Nyalt for Precision Machined Parts From Singapore

With exceptional quality, the shortest possible lead times, and the stability of Singaporean trade, securing precision machined parts from Nyalt is the safest, cheapest, and most reliable option for your precision-engineered machine parts. Contact us today for more information.

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