ISO Certified Machine Shop Serves Manufacturers in Germany for Outsourced Parts

ISO Certified Machine Shop Serves Manufacturers in Germany for Outsourced Parts

Nyalt Precision offers world-renowned German manufacturers dependable CNC machining services. We guarantee intellectual property protection and quality befitting of Germany’s worldwide reputation for top-level OEM craftsmanship and engineering. German OEMs choose Nyalt Precision, a Singapore-based company for manufacturing parts for capital-intensive equipment, automobiles, and more because of the trade agreements between the two countries. As an ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified machine shop in Singapore with experience in part manufacturing for capital-intensive equipment, Nyalt is an ideal choice for any German company that needs the highest level of precision with fast turnaround times.

Nyalt machines highly specialized parts that many other shops are unable to because of specifications, complexity, or volume. As an ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified global CNC machine shop, Nyalt Singapore is devoted to IP protection, fast delivery, and quality assurance. We are highly trusted partners to OEMs in Germany, the US, Canada, the UK, and throughout Europe.

Outsourced Machining with On-time Delivery, and No Risk Samples

For bespoke machining and assembly, express turnaround, and superlative IP protection, German OEMs can depend on Nyalt. Machining low volumes of highly specialized parts are our forte with turnaround time often faster than local European and North American machine shops. Nyalt will go from receipt of design files to machining (with QC inspection) and door-to-door shipping, as per the agreed lead time.  We can even deliver the first article sample to your door within days, which will meet or exceed your requirements or it will cost you nothing.


Nyalt Offers IP Protection and Quality Management Systems


Countries with strong intellectual property protections in place have been proven to flourish. According to the World Economic Forum’s ‘2018 Global Competitiveness Report‘, Singapore ranks 3rd in IP protection worldwide. The index noted that Singapore’s key strengths include an advanced national IP framework, and efforts to accelerate research, patent examination, and grants promoting IP safeguarding.

There is no need to worry about plagiarized components appearing on the market when you outsource machining to Nyalt. Our prototyping, 3D modeling, and all other work are protected by airtight centralized security systems which are carefully structured to protect our client’s intellectual property. Local and international clients are furnished with NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), and all proprietary information is protected by Singapore’s internationally renowned IP legal framework.

WE ARE AN ISO 9001 (since 2005) AND AS9100 (since 2010) CERTIFIED MACHINE SHOP

Nyalt’s International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification is a cornerstone of our business, as it confirms that our CNC machining services meet the established global standards for business and trade.  It is a guarantee to every partner that Nyalt’s CNC machine park has the necessary tools, resources, and equipment for producing high-quality machined parts that can meet the stringent requirements of world-class German OEMs.

Furthermore, our ISO-certified status establishes credibility and trust among our German partners, our Singaporean stakeholders, and our network of global business partners. Finally, it motivates us to maintain the standards necessary to thrive in the face of advancing technologies and increasingly complex supply chains.

Nyalt is proud to hold an AS9100 certification in addition to being ISO certified. This additional certification affirms that we have met specific requirements unique to the aerospace industry.

When you partner with Nyalt, we will deliver the required parts to your door, within an agreed time frame, that meets or exceeds your expectations – or it costs you nothing.

Machine Shop Serving Germany in Prototyping, Bespoke Machining, Production, Finishing, and Logistical Support

Nyalt’s bespoke CNC machining services, 3D models and prototypes, and additional finishing and value-added services allow us to be the premier choice for German companies that need a partner that can manufacture parts to their high standards. However, our precision machine shop and fabrication capabilities are not the only features that make Nyalt a trusted partner in the global custom-machined components business. A guarantee of the fast turnaround, on-time delivery, ISO certification, and stringent IP protections allow international partners complete assurance rest that their intellectual property and products are in skilled, capable hands. Contact Nyalt today to discuss how outsourcing low volume, highly specialized machining to Nyalt can complement your process.

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