What Is The Best Country to Outsource Machining To?

What Is The Best Country to Outsource Machining To?

Outsourcing complex machining projects can feel like a gamble. While it may seem safer to keep your manufacturing needs local, the truth is that the shop down the road may be more expensive and of worse quality than one halfway around the world. The business of outsourcing is booming, and it’s clear that companies across the globe have come to realize that sometimes, the best choice for their business is to have their work done overseas. So where do you go? And who can you trust?

Established in 2014, Nyalt Precision-Singapore takes pride in being a leader in contract precision CNC manufacturing for outsourcing.  Nyalt has established itself in Singapore and the world as a premier shop for technical, high precision machining. Nyalt excels in producing complex parts and sub-assemblies with quick, reliable, superior engineering.

Why Nyalt is the Ideal Company for Outsourcing CNC Machining

Economic and Political Stability 

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of choosing the best country to outsource to is ensuring that the nation you’re investing in is economically and politically stable. For example, Singapore is well known for its advantageous international trade agreements, business-healthy tax environment, active investment in economic growth, and political stability. Therefore, when outsourcing complex CNC machining work to Singapore, you can trust that you will have advantageous pricing and minimal political interruptions to production or shipping.

Singaporean businesses have the full force of the government’s support behind their success. Nyalt benefits from this business-friendly governing and has maintained stable growth from its inception. The stability of Singapore’s economy has played a crucial role in our ability to grow and maintain relationships with OEMs and MROs across the globe in industries such as aerospace, automation, electronics, medicine, and beyond.

Skilled Workforce & Excellent Logistics

Language barriers can be more than a stumbling block to outsourcing – they can be a brick wall. However, English is the most spoken language in Singapore, making international transactions (particularly when intricate technical specifications come into play) smooth and stress-free.   Ranked #1 globally for ease of doing business, you cannot go wrong engaging a Singapore-based machining shop for even the most complicated projects.

Outsourcing CNC machining to Singapore comes with having shipment, tracking, and delivery organized by a well-educated, diligent workforce. Singapore is the world’s third busiest port, and among the world’s best for expedient, hassle-free customs and shipping. Rest assured that products coming from Singapore will be processed, tracked, and delivered with incredible speed and accuracy.

At Nyalt, we take time and care to thoroughly educate our staff to ensure that we have a knowledgeable, dedicated team. Our staff takes pride in their craftsmanship and continually strives to improve our processes and outcomes.


The integrity of your components is treated with utmost importance when outsourcing to Singapore. Singaporean IP laws are stringent, and its reputation for enforcing them is fierce.   Such enforcement of IP protection laws safeguards innovation and eases the concerns of foreign businesses planning to outsource to Singapore.

Nyalt regularly invests in the latest technology to meet the needs of our customers. We protect our clients’ intellectual property through every step of the contracting process. Our cutting-edge CAD/CAM software, high-speed CNC machining centers, and CMM inspection equipment allow us to produce customized parts with the tightest tolerances and fastest lead times.

A Family Run Company

Ultimately, the decision to outsource precision CNC machining overseas is like letting your child go on a school trip. If you wouldn’t trust a country with your kid, don’t trust it with your business.

Nyalt Singapore is a family-run business, and your success is our success. We welcome customers who share our standards of excellence in machining, protection of IP, and integrity in relationships. We are proud of our capabilities and are invested in the success that our high-quality machining brings to our customers. Contact us today!

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